Meditation, Mindfulness + Compassion

Megan Spencer is a trained, experienced and accredited mindfulness meditation teacher.

Having previously spent much of her working life in the hectic world of making media, Megan’s path towards slowing down and hitting the pause button came after a work-related health issue caused by sustained stress.

Her personal meditation, mindfulness and compassion practice has also been profoundly helpful on her journey with grief after the loss of her mother in 2012.

Megan has been practicing meditation since 2009, first learning Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) at The Gawler Foundation in Victoria, Australia, where she also did her initial teacher training in 2011 and 2016.

Her mindfulness studies have taken her further afield in Australia – and to Europe – with self-care, compassion, creativity, stress management and healthy workplace culture of particular interest to her as a professional teacher.

In 2016 and 2017, Megan took two professional development courses at renowned mindfulness organisation Breathworks in Manchester, England.

Impressed by the Breathworks’ mindfulness and compassion curriculum, in 2018 she began her formal teacher accreditation pathway with Breathworks Introductory Teacher Training (TTi), followed by Breathworks Advanced Teacher Training (TTa) in 2021.

In 2022 she became a fully accredited Breathworks mindfulness and compassion teacher, and now offers 8-week Breathworks courses Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health.

Megan also trained in Mindful Self-Compassion by Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer, undertaking the Step 1 MSC Teacher Training Course facilitated by teachers from the USCD Center for Mindfulness.

She has also studied Embodied Trauma-Informed Contemplative Teaching and MSC with Heartworks teacher, Kristy Arbon.

Megan began teaching meditation and mindfulness in 2015 after moving to Berlin, Germany.

There she wrote and taught seven-week course Meditation for Creativity.

She also co-taught mindfulness, movement and creativity workshop Express Yourself and co-founded and co-led Open Your Heart, a program of weekly, guided, group mindfulness mediation sessions and unique day retreats with Danish MBSR teacher, Signe Glahn.

Since moving to South Australia in 2018, she has taught courses, workshops, 1:1 custom sessions and programs and short ‘deep rest’ retreats at home and on the road interstate.

Highlights have included teaching the mindfulness component of the Pause Breath Thrive Day Retreat for Menopausal Women; co-teaching mini-retreat Self-care is Awesome; teaching her workshop Wake Up Your Creativity; speaking at Australian music conference Indie-Con 2019  about well-being in the music industry and co-teaching Breathworks’ 8-week mindfulness-based pain management course, Mindfulness for Health, for teaching accreditation.

As well as 8-week and short courses, retreats, mindful movement, ‘sangha’ and 1:1 custom sessions, Megan also leads workshops and special events inside workplaces and companies.

At Paypal Germany she taught a mindfulness workshop for their 2015 Work/Life Balance Program.

From 2016-2018 she also presented her signature 4-hour workshop, Mindfulness and Meditation at Work, at The School of Life in Australia and Germany.

As a public speaker, Megan also moderated ‘Meditation and Neuroplasticity: Where Are We Now?’, a panel discussion featuring speakers Dr. Rick Hanson, Professor Craig Hassed, Dr. Neil Bailey and Andrew Fuller at the the inaugural Australian Meditation Conference in 2018.

For peak industry body Meditation Australia she produced a series of video and written interviews with inspiring meditation teachers in her role as a Board Member (2019-20).

The speakers included Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Elise Bialylew and Vidyamala Burch, among many others.

Attending retreats and undertaking study courses are part of Megan’s ongoing professional development.

She has studied mindfulness meditation in Spain, France, England, Germany and Australia, a highlight being her visit to Plum Village in Dieulivol, France in 2017.

For a comprehensive list of Megan’s mindfulness meditation studies, PD and accredited teacher training, please visit Megan’s LinkedIn profile or click here to view her detailed CV .

Megan is a registered member of the Meditation Association of Australia.

Her teaching is personable, practical, professional, creative and trauma-informed. Read her participant testimonials.

See the range of her services here or email her for details about her programs, workshops and 1:1 custom sessions, taught online via Zoom and/or in-person (under COVID-safe conditions).

Her teaching practice is Megan Spencer Meditation. Click here for her latest news & events.

Read a Q+A with Megan about her meditation teaching here.

Megan welcomes work inquiries!

If you would if you would like to discuss working with Megan as:

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  • Consultant
  • Self-care & compassion coach
  • Public speaker, MC or moderator
  • Broadcaster and journalist with a particular interest in this area, or
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Megan’s Moving Meditation Workshop was a really defining experience for me. I came into it feeling a bit lost, stagnate and looking for some direction. Megan’s practical approach to meditation and energy had a positive effect on me, giving me a renewed sense of my true values and aspirations, and most importantly giving me the tools to practice mindfulness anytime and anywhere. Forever grateful! Thank you Megan.

Rebecca Norman, Moving Meditation, Bendigo Botanical Gardens

I’ve studied various forms of meditation, but Megan’s empathic and gentle 1:1 guidance aligned with my goal of going a little deeper into the daily practice. Our one-day workshop was personally tailored, practical, resourceful and a great reminder that mindfulness is a unique tool that can be called upon in any given situation or place. Megan is a natural and passionate teacher and I highly recommend her mindfulness sessions.

Fiona Laughton, Individual Consultation, Berlin.

It was a great experience Megan, thank you, and something I have been practicing everyday since… xx

Sarah McQueenie, Moving Meditation, Bendigo Botanical Gardens

I enjoyed the time with the group and even spent some time ‘slow walking’ at lunchtime the next week.

Anne Mangan, Moving Meditation, Bendigo Botanical Gardens.

Sunday’s session was inspiring. Thank you so much for putting it on.

Nevena Barrett, Moving Meditation, Bendigo Botanical Gardens

Very informative, friendly. I like the use of real life examples and experiences.

Student testimonial, The School of Life Australia, Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

Megan was great. I learned a lot and will follow up on a lot of stuff.

Student testimonial, The School of Life Australia, Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

I discovered meditation with Megan in Berlin 3 years ago, and then followed her in a creative workshop. Megan, you’re an inspiring guide ! Your mindful sessions resourced me and helped me make important choices in my life at that time.

Yannis Mataillet, Meditation For Creativity


Student testimonial, The School of Life Australia, Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

This course became the highlight of my week. The calm and quiet, the group sessions guided by the compassionate, insightful and intelligent instruction of Megan Spencer, changed my life for the better. A magnificent undertaking that I can highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore the quiet corners and softer side of life.

Amelia, Weekly, Guided, Drop-in Sessions

Resonating. Reaffirming. Educational. Mind Opening. Healing. Thank you.

Student testimonial, The School of Life Australia, Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

Thank you so much for your caring attention and time the other day. That was truly wonderful. You have given me an opportunity to put myself back in touch with what is most precious to me. Thank you so much! What a completely moving and pragmatically good experience.

CJ, Individual Consultation, Berlin

Diving into the world of meditation and creativity, it was a great and challenging journey : )

Susanne Kohl, Grinberg Method practitioner, artist, Meditation For Creativity, Berlin, Your Content Goes Here

I took one of Megan’s meditation courses in Berlin a couple of years ago. Historically, I have always struggled with meditation and the vulnerability it brings. Megan’s approach was non-confrontational and unequivocally kind. The course itself was informative and perfectly paced. I entered each session feeling run down and exhausted, but left with energy and a little piece of calm. Thank you!

Hannah Day, sommelier-in-training, cabaret singer, Meditation For Creativity, Berlin