Must Amplify’s Ronsley Seriojo Vaz interviews Megan about good listening practice on Should I Start A Podcast?, an audio series that explores the stories and experiences of entrepreneurs and artists [who] have created a podcast”.

It’s a deep dive into the value and benefit of ‘listening well’, especially when it comes to making podcasts memorable. Here’s the episode synopsis:

“On This Episode Of Should I Start A Podcast…. Megan Spencer listens before speaking”.

“With open ears, broadcaster and mindfulness meditation teacher Megan Spencer is a professional listener”.

“She produced the award-winning podcast series From A Whisper To A Bang! It remembers Australian soldiers and their roles in WWII and is inspired by her grandfather’s handwritten memoirs as a prisoner of war in Germany.

Megan shares meaningful messages from the past by listening deeply to real-life stories.

[Ronsley] spoke with Megan about how to be a good listener. She explains how conversations in your podcast require you to take your guest’s hand, but let them lead you. We also go over the basics of a solid framework.

Know that feeling when no one is really listening to you? You could be making others feel that same way without even realising it. Take a moment to listen closely to what Megan has to say”.

Click here to listen to this episode, “Be A Good Listener In Your Podcast”. Available on Apple Podcasts and most other platforms.

The episode was published on 1st April, 2021. More more about Should I Start a Podcast? at Must Amplify.

Many thanks to host Ronsley Vaz, Jenna Elliott and the Must Amplify team for the opportunity to chat!