‘Inspiring Meditation Interviews’
Meditation Australia
2019 – 2020, online


As a board member for peak industry body Meditation Australia, Megan produced and presented a series of 6 x online interviews with inspiring meditation teachers: Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Elise Bialylew, Melli O’Brien, Jess Huon, Kristy Arbon and Elizabeth & Ken Mellors.

Available to watch now on the links above and on Youtube.

‘Pain & The Body’
Meditation Australia
June 2020

In June 2020 Megan produced a video for Meditation Australia entitled Pain and the Body. She interviews Vidyamala Burch, co-founder of pioneering UK mindfulness-based pain management program, Breathworks. It accompanies online masterclass, ‘Pain Management Awareness for Meditation Teachers’ which Megan hosted for MA.

Watch it now on YouTube.

Spoken Word
Freudian Slip Club, Berlin

Living in Berin (2015-2017) Megan immersed herself in the local stand up and performance scene and on occasion got up on stage herself at Ligari’s weekly Sunday Slips spoken word night. She shared three spoken word pieces about grief: Grief Baking and Musca Volitans about the loss of her mother and Sorrow after the death of David Bowie.

Inside Film (IF) Awards
November 2004, 2005

For two consecutive years, film critic and broadcaster Megan Spencer was a presenter on the nationally televised “People’s Choice Awards for Australian film and creative talent” at the Inside Film Awards. The ceremony was broadcast annually live from Luna Park, Sydney, on SBS Television.

ABC Television

Triple j film critic Megan Spencer was a guest on ABC youth TV program Recovery, hosted by Dylan Lewis, to announce a new triple j competition.

‘Pain Management Awareness for Meditation Teachers’
Meditation Australia

Megan Spencer produced, co-hosted and co-facilitated this online forum with fellow Meditation Australia board member, Lisa Forde.

Speakers included clinical psychologist and compassion-focused therapist, Helen Perry; orthopaedic surgeon and MBSM teacher, Dr. Tony Dunin, and MBSM teacher Jo Dunin.

Purchase to view here.

‘Grounding Through Meditation: The Art of Avoiding Catastrophe’
Happy Up Here Podcast

Megan is interviewed about the benefits of mindfulness practice on Episode 12 of Happy Up Here, a podcast about “the serious topics that are challenging the mental health spectrum”. She delves into her own personal meditation story, teaching and the benefits of a regular and long term practice with host and creator, Matthew Rodbourn. It’s a lively chat!

Watch it on Facebook or listen to it on Apple Podcasts.

‘The Movie Show’
2004 – 2006

Film critic, reporter and co-host of national weekly film review and magazine program, ‘The Movie Show’. Megan’s role included reporting from Berlinale (2005) and Toronto International Film Festivals (2006).

Live programs were recorded in front of audiences at Perth and Melbourne International Film Festivals. The job included studio presentation, writing scripts and film reviews, researching stories, writing extended reviews and reports for The Movie Show website, hosting special events, presenting at televised awards programs and representing the program at special events.

DJ: Happy Yess music club, Darwin, Australia, 2008 & 2009

With Jeremy Conlon

DJ: Let’s Dance – Bowie versus Talking Heads
October 31st, 2008

DJ: Tour De Kraftwerk
February 13th, 2009

‘Commemorative Conversations’
2020, 2021

Megan presents two online in-depth conversations about remembrance for the From A Whisper To A Bang! podcast community. She speaks with fellow remembrance pilgrims, Marijke Vandevyvere, founder of the ‘Dear John’ commemorative project in Belgium, and Cretan-Australian author Stella Tzobanakis-Dos Santos, author of ‘Creforce and the Battle for Crete’.

Watch at the links above or on Facebook.

‘Project Greenlight Australia’
The Movie Network, Foxtel, 2006

Judge & cast member for ‘Project Greenlight Australia’, the “first time filmmaker competition” and “12-part docu-series chronicling the making of a million-dollar budget feature film from the winning script.” The concept was originally devised by US actors and screenwriters Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Popular film critic and broadcaster Megan Spencer (triple j, The Movie Show) joined Australian actor/director Jeremy Sims (Last Train To Freo, Beneath Hill 60), TV host and comedian Paul McDermott (Doug Anthony Allstars, Good News Week), and a surprise guest judge to support and assess the 6 writer-director teams as they made their way through the competition towards the prize of $1 million dollars and a produced film from a winning screenplay.

SBS Television
August 2006

‘What’s wrong with the Australian film industry?’ (Expert commentator). As box office statistics continued to grow against locally-produced feature films, The Movie Show and triple j film critic Megan Spencer joined a live forum of industry professionals to discuss the problems inherent within the Australian industry, and possible reasons why local audiences no longer supported locally-made features. It was a firey debate.

Otis Foundation
Health DVD, 2011

Voice over artist for health information DVD.

‘Battle on 42nd Street’
Shrine of Remembrance

Megan produced and presented this hour-long conversation with Professor Peter Monteath, noted historian and author of “Battle on 42nd Street: War on Crete and the Anzacs’ bloody last stand” for the Shrine, 79 years to the day of one of WWII’s most notorious ANZAC battles. Listen as they explore this remarkable battle and the campaign in Crete; the most modern and the most ancient of wars.

Available to watch now on Youtube.

‘VP Day 75’
Shrine of Remembrance

Megan Spencer produced and presented present trio of video interviews for the Shrine, to commemorate the end of the Second World War, a project funded by the Victorian government. She interviews World War II veterans LAC Harold Mackinlay “Mac” Ford, 95 (Airforce) and Sub Lieutenant James “Jim” Paizis, 95 (Navy), and Aunty Glenda Humes (Gunditjmara/Jawoyn), daughter of the late WWII veteran, Uncle Captain Reginald Saunders (Gunditjmara).

Watch at the links above or on the WWII At Home website.

‘What A Year’
Nine Network Australia

Guest commentator in nine-part Australian television documentary series that looked at the news, events, sporting achievements, entertainment and fads of a selected year in each episode. Critic and broadcaster Megan Spencer was included in the line up of celebrities and cultural commentators.

‘Heroes & Hairbrushes’
Castlemaine State Festival
March 2013

Alongside five other notable writer/performers (including rock critic Barry Divola and ‘The Bedroom Philosopher’ Justin Heazelwood), film critic, broadcaster and music writer Megan Spencer was invited to contribute to ‘Hair Brushes & Air Guitars’. It was a live performance night of stories told “by a rollicking line-up of musicians, music writers, critics, comics and music lovers of the songs that killed them softly or rocked them hard: when, why and how.” Part of the ‘Collective DNA‘ literature program.