“Resonating. Reaffirming. Educational. Mind Opening. Healing. Thank you” ~ Participant, The School Of Life, ‘Mindfulness & Meditation At Work’ workshop (2018)

“I am so grateful to have done this course. The experience I had was both fulfilling and life-changing” ~ Participant, ‘Mindfulness for Health’ course (2022)

“It was just so special with a magic atmosphere!” ~ Lidwein, ‘Pause Breath Thrive’ day retreat (2021)

“I feel blessed to have done this course and recommend it 100%. I am just sorry I didn’t do it years ago, my life would have been much fuller” ~ Participant, ‘Mindfulness for Health’ course  (2022)

“I discovered meditation with Megan in Berlin 3 years ago, and then followed her [into] a creative workshop. Megan, you’re an inspiring guide! Your mindful sessions resourced me and helped me make important choices in my life at that time” ~ Yannis, ‘Meditation For Creativity’ course, ‘Express Yourself ‘ workshop  (2015, 2016)

“I enjoyed Megan’s Meditation very much! She teaches with knowledge, humour and a lot of heart. I would join her courses again and again!” ~ Michaela, ‘Open Your Heart’ day retreat (2017)

“Helpful, enjoyable, motivating” ~ Participant, ‘Mindfulness for Health’ course (2022)

“This course became the highlight of my week. The calm and quiet, the group sessions guided by the compassionate, insightful and intelligent instruction of Megan Spencer, changed my life for the better. A magnificent undertaking that I can highly recommend to anyone wanting to explore the quiet corners and softer side of life”. – Amelia, ‘Open Your Heart’ weekly drop-in class (2016)

“Megan was great. I learned a lot and will follow up on a lot of stuff” ~ Participant, ‘Mindfulness & Meditation At Work’ workshop, The School Of Life (2017)

“Megan is very knowledgeable about benefits of mindful meditation and Skype session works well. Great access to resources. I would not hesitate to use Megan again” ~ Julie, 1:1 online custom session (2018).

“I attended a one-day workshop led by Megan on harnessing creativity through meditation. I left the day super-inspired and motivated, and immediately went home and cracked on with a creative project I’d been putting off. Cheers Megan!” ~Vanessa, ‘Express Yourself’ workshop (2016)

“It was a great experience Megan, thank you. And something I have been practicing everyday since” ~ Sara, Mindful Movement In Nature (2016)

“Educational, enlightening, beneficial ~ AR,  ‘Mindfulness for Health’ course (2022)

“You are a great teacher and it was a fantastic experience working with you!” ~ Stefanie, 1:1 online custom program (2018)

“I attended two of Megan’s workshops in Berlin over a period of months. She is a generous, insightful and very real teacher, in the sense that she never puts herself on a pedestal to impart her wisdom, she shares it open-heartedly. Her sessions are just delightful because she is always well-prepared yet infuses the sessions with her infectious laugh and sense of humour. I would love to go further with Megan, and cannot recommend her highly enough” ~ Fiona, ‘Open Your Heart’ drop-in classes (2016) and ‘Open Your Heart’ day retreat participant (2017)

“Sunday’s session was inspiring.  Thank you so much for putting it on” ~ Nevena, Mindful Walking/Movement In Nature (2018)

“Attending a ‘Mindful Movement in Nature’ session with Megan (at Botanic Gardens, White Hills, Bendigo) was a wonderful experience. Megan has shown me how to introduce moments of calm to my day. We had no props, the session was outside and I learnt skills which are portable & practical – all things needed for me as a busy Mum of three! Thank you Megan!” ~ Emma, Mindful Walking/Movement In Nature (2016)

“I took one of Megan’s meditation courses in Berlin a couple of years ago. Historically, I have always struggled with meditation and the vulnerability it brings. Megan’s approach was non-confrontational and unequivocally kind. The course itself was informative and perfectly paced. I entered each session feeling run down and exhausted, but left with energy and a little piece of calm. Thank you!” ~ Hannah, ‘Meditation For Creativity’ course (2015)

“Thoughtful, cheerful, sunny and interesting – I so enjoyed meditation classes with Megan while she was in Berlin. Learned a lot and I am still using some of those exercises. It’s a pleasure to learn from someone who is also actively learning, ie loves their vocation. Thank you, Megan” ~ Cathoel, 1:1 custom session (2016)

“Megan’s ‘Moving Meditation in Nature’ was a really defining experience for me. I came into it feeling a bit lost, stagnant and looking for some direction. Megan’s practical approach to meditation and energy had a positive effect on me, giving me a renewed sense of my true values and aspirations, and most importantly giving me the tools to practice mindfulness anytime and anywhere” ~ Rebecca, Mindful Walking/Movement In Nature (2016)

“I enjoyed the time with the group and even spent some time ‘slow walking’ at lunchtime the next week. I just need to do it more often!” ~ Anne, Mindful Walking/Movement In Nature participant (2016)

“I’ve studied various forms of meditation, but Megan’s empathic and gentle 1:1 guidance aligned with my goal of going a little deeper into the daily practice. Our one-day workshop was personally tailored, practical, resourceful and a great reminder that mindfulness is a unique tool that can be called upon in any given situation or place. Megan is a natural and passionate teacher and I highly recommend her mindfulness sessions” ~ Fiona, participant, 1:1 custom session (2017)

“Very informative, friendly. I like the use of real life examples and experiences” ~ Participant, The School Of Life, ‘Mindfulness & Meditation At Work’ workshop (2018)

“5 stars!” ~ Rebecca, 1:1 online custom mindfulness and creativity program (2020)