By taking part in the Open Your Heart mindfulness meditation program, each participant expressly agrees to – and understands – the following:

  • That “Open Your Heart” is a series of 8 x weekly group mindfulness meditation sessions, designed to  allow participants to explore and experience various mindfulness and meditation practices and exercises, in a guided setting.
  • That some introspection and self-reflection is involved, and during some exercises, gentle movement.
  • That the sessions are not designed to take the place of personal therapy or medical intervention, and are not a substitute for any kind of treatment, required or otherwise.
  • That by taking part each participant understands and agrees that they are soley responsible for their own individual health, well being and self-care.
  • That during each session, each participant will listen to the instructions carefully, and to their own body and mind. Participants will not do any practice they believe to be unsuitable for their current state of mind or body at any time. If there are any doubts the participant will ask for modification, further instruction or cease the practice.
  • That each participant will consult their doctor about any physical or mental health concerns, prior to participating.
  • That late entry to sessions cannot be guaranteed (and is not possible after 4.15pm.)

These are the Terms & Conditions for use of the “Open Your Heart” guided meditation program, October 30 – December 18, 2016.

Please read and consider carefully before taking part.

If you have any further questions before it begins, or during the program, please do not hesitate to contact teachers Signe Glahn or Megan Spencer.

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