It’s the series final of Three Wicked Women! So Sam and Megan dedicate the entire episode to music, and ‘consciously couple’ with some amazing artists over their favorite passion.

Sam speaks to New Zealand-born, Berlin-based percussionist, conductor and composer Takumi Motokawa about the fine art of conducting and composing film scores, while Megan chats with innovative Berlin restaurateurs Bin-Lee Zauner and José Morillo from Korean-Spanish restaurant Kochu Karu. (They host opera degustation dinners!)

In ‘Commit No Nuisance’ 3WW regular Amelia Jane Hunter tells how music saved her life in the jungles of the Philippines (an incredible, true-life tale!), and in ‘Gut Feeling’ sommelier Oliver Budack brings music to your ears with a dessert n’ beverage match sweet enough to bring on a food coma…

The Wickeds also farewell many of the beloved musicians who’ve gone to that big house band in the sky this year, with a beautiful song by Sam for David Bowie, one of their biggest heroes…


  • ‘Richer’ by Wasp Summer
  • Conducting Story: ‘Serenade for Strings III’ by Tchaikovsky, performed by The State Hermitage Orchestra, with Takumi Motokawa conducting, at Peter The Great Music Academy. ‘Home Intro’, ‘Into The Jungle’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Action Theme, by Takumi Motokawa.
  • Kochu Karu Story: ‘Widmung’ by Robert Schumann; ‘Sound The Trumpet’ by Henry Purcell; ‘Korean Folksong’ (traditional); Sung by Bin-Lee Zauner – soprano, and Beate von Hahn – soprano and Saori Tomidokoro – piano

Episode 6/6 (released August 8, 2016. Final episode in this series.)

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A thousand thank you’s to our wicked guests!