Episode 06: “Making Peace”

Across land and sea, through two world wars, three generations and umpteen conversations, Megan has been on an epic journey, listening and leaning in to significant conversations about remembrance, its importance and possibilities.

Set against the 2018 Centenary of the Armistice, in this final episode Megan reflects on what she’s learned across the series, from what others have said and by walking in the footsteps of her soldier grandfather.

She speaks to eminent historian Professor Margaret MacMillan and looks at where Australia has come to as a nation with its practice of remembrance. What role does it serve? Do we need to rethink it? Can empathy make a difference? One hundred years after the end of “the war to end all war”, do we take the responsibility of peace seriously enough?

In this emotional final episode of ‘From A Whisper To A Bang!’ Megan also asks: what would Harry make of all this?

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‘From A Whisper To A Bang!’ is written, produced and presented by Megan Spencer for the Australian War Memorial.

Episode  06 of ‘From A Whisper To A Bang!’ was first published on the Australian War Memorial website on 26 June, 2019. Dur: 59:37.


Remembrance pilgrims:

  • Alexandra
  • Kassandra
  • Chris
  • Fiona
  • Lisa-Sondra
  • Jessica
  • Geoff
  • Deborah
  • Ron Mallyon
  • Barbara Mallyon
  • Norman Smith
  • Chris Morrison
  • Margaret Morrison
  • Caroline


  • Bob Spencer
  • Janice Coyle
  • Delma Calcagno
  • Guy Calcagno.

Other voices:

  • Richard Cruise
  • Oliver Budack
  • Scott Bevan
  • Harry Spencer
  • Margaret Robinson
  • Raylene Robinson



Additional music:

Additional sound:


AWM Collection:

  • Film: Sons of the Anzac (1939-1943). Accession Number: F00188

Track listing from The Digger’s Requiem:

  • ‘Requiem Aeternum/Rest Eternal’ by GF Handel, arranged Latham (Dead March from Saul for accordion, David Novak accordion)
  • ‘Lux Aeterna/In Paradisum’ by Ross Edwards (Lament for the Pipers Who Fell in the Great War by John Grant, Jordan Aikin bagpipes) and the ‘62,000 Bells’ (Chris Latham, Veronica Bailey, Thomas Laue).





Thank you:

  • The ‘From a Whisper To A Bang!’ podcast series is a commission by the Australian War Memorial. Enormous thanks to Amanda Dennett, Andy Heaney, Dr. Brendan Nelson and the historians, teams, staff and executive who supported this podcast series.
  • For Episode 06: the speakers and Stephen Toaldo, Trevor Carter & Bob from the AWM Studio; Mick Wordley; Coda-to-Coda and Tanya Auclair; the Imperial War Museums and Poppy Andrews; The Diggers Requiem artists and Chris Latham; Heath Bigg; Professor Margaret MacMillan and Judd Flogdell; “Team Pop” – Janice Coyle, Trevor Meyer, Nicky Kasnaxis and Helen White.
  • For the series: special thanks to all of the speakers and people interviewed for this project and its many kind supporters throughout Australia and Europe; the many creatives who donated resources, and gave advice, support and encouragement; and Bob Spencer, Delma Calcagno and the extended Spencer family.


  • To those who serve – past and present – and the families and communities who support them. May we ‘remember well’.

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