Episode 14: Chris Waite

Chris Waite is a meditation teacher with UK mindfulness organisation, Breathworks. He’s also a medical doctor, a ukulele teacher and he’s in the process of finishing a Degree in Music Composition.

From South Australia, Chris worked for many years as a GP – also with The Royal Flying Doctor Service – until a back injury forced him to slow down and re-assess his life.

As you’ll hear, Chris has been on a transformational health journey of his own over the past few years, aided by some very precious musical objects…

Episode 14 released 24 August 2018.

Many thanks to Chris for the interview, and to Aimee Volkofsky and Chris for the music!

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Interview: Chris Waite
Presenter/Producer/Writer: Megan Spencer
Theme music: Jeremy Conlon/Cooperblack
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Photo: Megan Spencer

Episode Music:
• Improvised uke track, “That’s Where Light Enters You” (Chris Waite) and “Acadian Lullaby”(Traditional Nova Scotia) performed by Chris Waite.
• “Baaka” (aka “End Piano Piece”) from album “Dust Lust” by Aimee Volkofsky. Used with kind permission from the artists. Thanks to Chris and Aimee for the music!

(c) Megan Spencer 2018. All rights reserved – cannot be reproduced without permission.

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That’s Where Light Enters You music video (Chris Waite)

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