The following are the Terms & Conditions for use of the ‘Express Yourself‘ one-day workshop. By taking part, participants expressly agree to – and understand – the following:

  • That “Express Yourself” is a group mindfulness meditation and body-skills training and movement workshop, designed to teach participants techniques to cultivate openness in mind and body, for enhancing creativity and self-expression.
  • That some self-reflection, vocal exercises and physical movement is involved in the workshop, as well as participant discussion and a group reading. Some emotional responses may arise during the course of this workshop.
  • That by taking part in it, participants understand that this workshop does not take the place of personal therapy or medical intervention, and is not a substitute for any kind of treatment, required or otherwise.
  • By taking part participants also understand that they are each soley responsible for their own health, well being and self-care. And that during the class they will listen to the instructions carefully and to their own bodies and minds.
  • That participants will not do any practice they believe to be unsuitable for their current state of mind or body at any time. If any doubts arise, they will ask for modification, further instruction or cease the practice.
  • That participants will consult their doctors about any physical or mental health concerns, prior to participating.
  • That bookings can only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment and a completed registration form.
  • Organisers reserve the right to refuse any application to attend the workshop.
  • That late entry on the day can not be guaranteed (and is not possible after 10.30am.)
  • A minimum number of participants is required for each workshop to go ahead.

These are the Terms & Conditions for use of the “Express Yourself” workshop. Please read and consider carefully before taking part.


Contact workshop presenters Megan Spencer or Hanna Nordqvist.

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