How was your The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever?! Sam was in the thick of it and reports straight from Berlin’s spectacular #DayOfWuthering!

Episode Five of Three Wicked Women is all about art – and the art of writing. You’ll meet talented woman of words, Berlin-based, Australian poet, blogger and musician Cathoel Jorss, and Sam spotlights one of her favorite ‘spoken word’ artists and bands, David Creese and The Dumb Earth. You’ll hear great music from them all.

And our dear regulars Oliver Budack and Amelia Jane Hunter get seriously creative. In ‘Gut Feeling’ sommelier Oliver is charged with finding the perfect match for one of Peru’s national dishes, while in ‘Commit No Nuisance’ comedian and storyteller Amelia explores ‘rock art’ across two continents and thousands of millennia..


‘Blue Like Yours’ by Cathoel & The New Government
‘Low Tide’ by The Dumb Earth
‘Procession’ by David Creese

Episode 5/6, released July 27, 2016.

(c) Megan Spencer 2016. All rights reserved.

A thousand thank you’s to our guests!