EPISODE FOUR (aka “I Just Know That Something Good Is Gonna Happen”)

As we close in on The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, Episode Four of 3WW is entirely devoted to the wicked woman who inspired this global event: KATE BUSH.

You’ll meet a bevvy of artist-fans whose lives have been touched by the most ‘wuthering’ of music icons.

Megan and Sam chat to Australian actress Fiona Martinelli about the two “K/Cates” in her life (Bush and Blanchett), and her new one-woman show, The Present Imperfect at the English Theatre Berlin; Australian singer/songwriter Jess Ribeiro explains the story behind KB’s song ‘Cloudbusting’, and performs a song from her new album, ‘Kill it Yourself’; and writer and literature major Melisa Gray-Ward critiques ‘Wuthering Heights’ the book and music video.

In ‘Gut Feeling’ 3WW regular Oliver Budack recommends a cheese-and-wine pairing fit for a card-carrying cheese lover (ahem, Kate Bush), and in ‘Commit No Nuisance’ comedian Amelia Jane Hunter reveals how the ‘Babooshka’ music video introduced lycra to her family’s wardrobe and why Kate Bush became her new “pin-up tough-gal”.

Episode 4/6 (released July 13, 2016.)


‘Hurry Back To Love’ by Jess Ribeiro

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A thousand thank you’s to our wicked guests!