Our second episode features interviews with New Zealand-born, Berlin-based poet, permaculturist and performer, Sandra Sarala and up-and-coming Australian cabaret artist Hannah Day.

Sommelier Oliver Budack returns with “freak food and wine matching” segment, ‘Gut Feeling’, while world-traveller-slash-and-burn-comedian Amelia Jane Hunter discusses two very different kinds of poetry in her regular spot, ‘Commit No Nuisance’.

Hear The Wickeds crunch and slurp their way through pickles n’ pilsner, wander through hidden fields of wonder (and stinging nettles), explore contemporary Berlin poetry and the haiku of ye olde novels written in text messaging verse.

Episode 2/6 (released June 14, 2016.)


“The Future” by Hannah Day.

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A thousand thank you’s to our wicked guests!