This ANZAC Day the Shrine of Remembrance presents a brand new podcast commemorating Australia’s Vietnam veterans.

“As the numbers of Second World War veterans are rapidly [diminishing],  our single largest body of recognizable veterans are certainly Vietnam veterans. And in many organizations and associations they are the keepers of Anzac.” – Dr. Karl James, Head of Military History, Australian War Memorial.

In a deep conversation with independent historian Dr. Peter Yule, author of newly published book ‘The Long Shadow: Australia’s Vietnam Veterans Since The War’, award-winning podcast maker Megan Spencer (From A Whisper To A Bang!) crafts a moving and compelling audio feature exploring the impact of service on those who served in Australia’s most divisive war to date.

This special audio feature is available to listen to now on the Shrine of Remembrance website.

Photo: Dr. Peter Yule by Megan Spencer (c) 2020