Episode 09: Casey Jenkins

Casey Jenkins is an “endurance performance artist” from Melbourne, best-known for her 2013 “craftivist” work “Casting Off My Womb”.

During it she knitted a huge textile from yarn “inserted daily” into her vagina, for one month. A video about the installation went viral, causing a huge controversy and opening up a public dialogue – much of it abusive – about women’s bodies and cultural ownership over them.

Meeting in Berlin, Casey and I chat about the woollen object she created, now wound into a neat, soft, precious ball. Also a well-travelled symbol of ‘cultural disruption’, it is about to be incorporated into another exhibition, ‘BLOOD: Life Uncut’, at the Science Gallery in London. The conversation is emotional and thoughtful, journeying deep into the heart of art, loss, creativity and motherhood.

Episode 09 released 01 December, 2017.

Many thanks to Casey Jenkins!

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NOTE: This episode contains ‘adult themes’.

Interview: Casey Jenkins
Presenter/Producer: Megan Spencer
Original music: Jeremy Conlon/Cooperblack (used with permission)
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Photo: Megan Spencer

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