Episode 04Robyn Overell

Robyn Overell and my Mum lived next door to each other for 35 years. Over the fence and around the kitchen table they shared a special friendship, many cups of tea, laughter and an appreciation for Tupperware – one of Mum’s passions.

They also shared many stories, one of which involved Robyn’s only piece (a singular blue plastic bowl from the 1970s) and how it came to be ‘lone’ and ‘lidless’. It used to tickle Mum pink, and has to be heard to be believed…

Episode 04 released 21 May, 2017.

Many thanks to Robyn Overell!

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Interview: Robyn Overell
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Many thanks to Robyn, Bill and the Overell family for their great kindness to my Mum over so many years – and to Robyn for sharing this hilarious story!

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