“Thank you both so much for a lovely and inspiring day! Your gentleness and sensitivity made it a safe space for us all, and it was really beautiful to hear such authentic truths from everyone.

It feels great to have self-care approved and encouraged. The day was a joy.”

– Tatyana, Express Yourself, 2016

“I especially liked the ‘dancing’, the delicious food and the exchange with the other participants.”

– Participant, Express Yourself, May 2017

I was really focused on the state of flow and how to get into it. The mix of movement and mindfulness meditation practices are all tools I can take away to help me get into that state.”

– Vanessa, Express Yourself, 2016

“Thank you very much for this inspiring time and your wholehearted way of facilitating this workshop. I enjoyed this very much!”

– Elena, Express Yourself, March 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect [of the workshop]. Everything was very professionally presented. I really enjoyed the topics and content. I’m so glad I participated! I really liked the combination of mindfulness, meditation, body, drawing, writing letters and vulnerability. It was very powerful! Thank you!”

– Jobina, Express Yourself, May 2017

“You gave us skills to handle low energy (ie to bring it back up), and also how to become grounded. [And how] to be conscious and aware of old habits and patterns which might not be useful any more…

I’m feeling empowered and encouraged to work at my own speed and to take care of myself. Thank you!”

– Ruth, Express Yourself, 2016

“What a lovely, secure platform you created to enable us to share some deeper-felt sentiments about our own personal approaches to furthering our creative paths. Thank you both so much!”

– Sue, Express Yourself, March 2017

“I just want to say how incredible the day was. Both Megan and Hanna are fantastic trainers who are obviously passionate about what they teach, which really rubs off! I learned some fantastic tools that help me to connect to my creativity and express myself clearly! It also gave me the space to really think about my creativity and really reflect on it.”

– Rosie, Express Yourself, March 2017

“I loved it all! The mix of theoretical and practical parts were perfect, and there is a lot that I will take home. Thank you for this wonderful workshop which helped me to reconnect with myself. You are the best!”

– Anna, Express Yourself, May 2017

“Thank you both so much! I really appreciated the thoughtful program: the welcoming atmosphere, the safe space, the combination between mind-body/body-mind. And – the soup and cake : )”

– Susanna, Express Yourself, March 2017

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